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About Domni

Armory Preview

Soul Warding is a World of Warcraft blog from the perspective of a Discipline Priest healer on the RP/PvP server US-Twisting Nether.

Domni started playing WoW with the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Her Disc priest grew up in a world PvP guild and then moved into raiding, leading successful 25 man pseudo-pugs raids though ToC and ICC  alongside her deathknight tank, Emmet. She now resides in the guild The Sword of the Morning after many months of being a two-person team.

From these experiences come tales of raiding, raid leading, pugging, roleplaying, PvP, addons, guild antics, and more.

Domni also has a destruction warlock (Emmalyn) and resto/feral druid in her collection of WoW characters.

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