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Shield Follow-up

February 19, 2011

In another hotfix, Blizzard slapped Holy priests on the wrists and rescinded their mana reduction. In addition, they resolved some issues for Discipline priests by strengthening Rapture.

Body and Soul no longer reduces the mana cost of Power Word: Shield (the hotfix made on February 16 to provide this additional benefit has been reverted).

Rapture now returns 2/5/7% of maximum mana when Power Word: Shield is consumed, up from 2/4/6%.

It stills avoids some of the main problems with Discipline that Blizzard will have to resolve eventually. But it’s a more balanced band-aid. A slight boost in Rapture returns will help gearing Disc priests to overcome the larger mana cost of Power Word: Shield.

Even in entry-level raiding gear and 100k+ mana, I felt the pinch of the increased mana cost of Power Word: Shield while healing through Halfus and Valiona/Theralion in Bastion of Twilight. It usually wasn’t enough to drain my mana completely after using all my mana cooldowns, but it was enough to make me feel anxious during the fight. I think I’d be fine if I were healing with two equally strong partners. That isn’t the case in most circumstances. I tend to find myself simultaneously raid healing and tank healing, and hauling a heavier burden overall. (I expect this to improve once our roster is more solid and we aren’t having to PuG healers).

Power Word: Shield was still a strong part of my healing rotation, but rarely more 33% of my overall heals. I cast it at every opportunity on the tanks. For DPS, it’s reserved for when a player’s health drops below 45% or if they are in harm’s way from a debuff or AoE.

Divine Aegis is frequently my top heal or in the top three. I don’t use PoH to top players off; it’s exclusively used when I know damage will be coming in or to pull a group up to 70-80% and let the other healers finish the rest. The means that the majority of my Divine Aegis get used.

I’ll post more about my healing habits at a later date, but I’m very conscious of my cooldowns and try to heal efficiently. It’s my goal in every fight to be the last healer standing and to have enough mana to pull the group through if other healers die.


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