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Dusting off Soulwarding

January 11, 2011

The blog name sort of amuses now that I find myself only speccing 1/2 Soulwarding, the long-time iconic talent of the Discipline priest tree. Times change, but then they change again.

I’m cleaning up the appearance and organization of Soulwarding, and then I intend to supply current and relevant material for Discipline priests who are finding themselves with the short stick on priest healing and trying to make the most of it. Discipline is different, but it’s still enjoyable, and it’s quirks will be smoothed out in time.

Most importantly, I’ll try to provide some insight into healing and encounter strategies to make our jobs easier as healers. I will be focusing on normal and Heroic dungeon encounters for the time being.

Please note that all posts prior to January 2010 are out-of-date and may not contain information relevant to current gameplay. Ensure that you are looking up information from post-Cataclysm launch and live Patch 4.0.3 and beyond. For reference, the current PTR patch is 4.0.6.


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  1. Khamrin permalink

    Welcome back!

  2. Oathus permalink

    Indeed Welcome back, Gurthorn was killed by the cataclysm, and thus Oathus the shaman picked up his plight against deathwing.

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