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Why is Divine Fury still not gone?

August 2, 2010

There’s one little talent in the new 31-point talent trees that irks me more than others. Divine Fury, with its greedy 3 point slots, is sitting in the prized Tier 1 spot of the Holy tree. Fully talented, it currently gives a whopping 0.3 seconds casting time decrease to Smite, Holy Fire, Heal, and Greater Heal.

I’ve taken Divine Fury as a Discipline priest for a long time. I simply preferred the mild 0.5 second speed increase while I was tank healing. I had plenty of leftover points, so it was fine. When every point counts, however, 3 points for that tiny bit of speed isn’t appealing.

All other healing classes have lost the talents that reduce the casting time of major spells. So why do we still have Divine Fury? Is it going away? Is it staying? I haven’t heard much. I’d at least like to see it bumped down to where Inspiration is so that I can choose whether or not to take it.

I’d rather just take the longer cast times and have access to Inspiration and Improved Healing instead.

And don’t get me started on the Archangel talents. Not only are they now being enforced, but I can’t get Atonement while still getting the necessary Holy talents. And Holy is going to have a stronger effect from Evangelism/Archangel anyhow. Blizz is even kindly deliberately designing the trees so that they can subspec into it.

I’m withholding my comments about the state of Borrowed Time until I hear more about what the plan really is.

So….I’m feeling a little slighted overall. I try not to even look at new talent calculator updates since I know I probably won’t feel comfortable with it until I’m in Cataclysm and playing with it to see how it feels. There’s a master plan for how they want Discipline to play and I’ll either like it or I won’t. It’s still unfinished. But I’m allowed to express unease!

In the meantime, Age of Empires III is fun, especially on a LAN. Sorry SCII.


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