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What Keeps Me in WoW

July 30, 2010

Everyone can feel that we’re in the long stretch between “Wrath is over” and “Cataclysm is here!” It’s a great time to take a break if you’re burned out, to try other games, or to go back to the little things that you enjoy in the game.

Right now I’m a little bedazzled by some new games that are coming out, and even by some older ones as well. Emmet and I have been captivated by RTS games recently, spending way too much time kicking ass in Age of Empires III, Civilization IV, and too many knock-off versions to count. I even wanted to play Caesar II, but at this point it’s too much work fiddling with modifier programs to make it run properly in Windows 7.

My WoW time is a little restricted, mainly because my schedule is a little different and I’m feeling a bit worn out at the end of the day. It’s easier to just burn through a skirmish as Russians and Ottomans than wait in Dalaran for a raid.

But Saturdays and Sundays are my WoW days. So much so that I continue to clear my schedule and keep those days for myself.

I truly enjoy leading my ICC 25 group and I know that the days of this style of pugging are numbered. At this point, I’m not even fighting progression. I’m not freaking out as much when people want to bring alts–if the alts are strong. But I do still try to avoid the undergeared player or the PvP junkie who is only after trinkets. I like finding new players and getting to know their personalities. It’s good to mix it up now and then.

I just enjoy being there. I know my class and I know the different roles I can play. I feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and experienced–at least so much as is necessary to get through ICC. There are few places in my life where I really feel in control and confident in what I’m doing. Healing a raid as a Discipline priest might be something simple, but it’s something that I understand and it’s extremely comforting to slip into.

And I love the people. It’s a fun, challenging environment with enough regulars and new people to keep it fresh. I’m close enough to everyone to be relaxed while holding authority. But I’m not so close that I have obligations or have to tread *too* carefully to avoid conflicts. I’m not in a guild. I’m just a raid leader. I’m a community member. A very tiny community icon because of the raid. And that’s what I like.

Sunday’s a little different–I’m not on the best of terms with my druid right now. I run her through an ICC 25 with a friendly group and then hit hard modes on my priest. I have mixed feelings about the Heroic 10 man group we run with. But we’re 8/12 and having fun, so no worries.

I have no idea what Cataclysm will be like for me. I’m a little on the outside and so I’ll be in an odd position once it arrives.

But I’m enjoying what I do for now, even if it’s only on the weekends. I may not be within reach during the week, but I am focused and excited when Saturday and Sunday roll around.


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