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31 Talent Discipline Priest Tree Released

July 14, 2010

Normally I have quite a bit to say about upcoming Discipline priest changes. However, my response to the new 31 talent trees released by Blizzard over the past day is a simple tired shrug.

The Discipline and Holy and even Shadow priest trees need work. None of the the trees got the care and attention that other classes have received–mages and warriors are pretty happy with their new specs. I’ll have more thoughts when I see a revised tree. I don’t think it’s worth trying to work with the current prospects. I do encourage you to take a look for yourself and decide what’s missing, what needs tweaking, and what just doesn’t work and get your commentary on the forums so that Blizzard has a good idea of what we want.

Hopefully the next round will be a little more acceptable and not just a clipped, unbalanced draft. The current point distribution is bloated and the talents available are really lacking in creativity.

I’m disappointed that a lot of priest staples have either disappeared or been forced into one tree and not the other. And I mourn the loss of Discipline access to the Holy talent Deliverance. I felt that this talent could be useful, especially when woven with the innate Discipline benefit of Borrowed Time from shields.

My closing thoughts are that priests have a unique place in World of Warcraft and present an extra challenge for developers. It is the only healing class that has two distinct healing specs. The line between what is a “Priest” ability, what is a “Discipline” ability, and what is a “Holy” ability is very difficult to distinguish. It’s necessary for them to share certain talents, traits, and strengths.

Dividing the trees so severely with the 31-talent design makes the weaknesses of each spec more apparent. It also makes the meager 3 points (6 if you skip Atonement, 8 if you skip Evangelism/Archangel and only put 1 point in Atonement) available to put into Holy that much more important. But the abilities that we’re able to borrow from our sister spec are extremely limited.

I’ll wait and see what is improved in the next round.

Holy talents that mean the most to me as a Discipline priest:
Empowered Healing, InspirationImproved Healing, Deliverance.


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  1. Khamrin permalink

    I warned you. It’s hugely frustrating to try to keep up with dizzying number of changes that are going to go down between now and release day. I’ll install Cataclysm on release day and figure it out all then, my gift from Blizzard mostly unspoiled.

    • It’s a good idea.

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