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Bigger Brighter MMO World

July 9, 2010

A sigh of relief can be heard pretty much everywhere as Blizzard announces that real names will not be used on the official forums. Hopefully the community’s collective outrage will make them reconsider any other novel ideas they had about using our information. You can’t tell a massive audience, “We’re going to do what we want and you can’t stop us,” and still expect them to trust you, support you, and pay you.

So while the danger is seemingly gone, the damage is done. The number of players initially lost to the decision won’t make them blink, but the long-term ramifications might be more significant.

There are a lot of amazing games in the works right now and this little hiccup gave many of us a chance to take off the blinders and look around at our options. It’s a bad idea to disgruntle your customers when your competitors are working so hard to impress them.

And impress me they have.

Here are just a few of the gorgeous, innovative, or just plain affordable alternatives to WoW:

There are others out there: Allods, Aion, City of Heroes, Champions Online, etc.

But nothing caught my attention so much as FF XIV and Guild Wars 2. These games look fantastic and, while they operate on some of the same MMO mechanics as WoW does, they also veer off into wildly different directions. It’s refreshing. I’ve always been pretty loyal about WoW since it’s my first successful MMO and I’ve put so much time into it. I felt content. But when it didn’t seem like my wallet and opinion were really valued, and the stress of privacy issues outweighed the joy of playing the game, my loyalties came tumbling down.

I won’t be leaving WoW until Cataclysm, but I’m only willing to pay one $15/month subscription fee. It’ll have to work hard to outperform FF XIV. Luckily, Guild Wars 2 won’t be subscription based!


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  1. Khamrin permalink

    Now you’re talking! A new MMO would be very welcome to. I’ll be three years on WoW come November, with only 3 months during that time that I did not play at all. I’ve played Age of Conan, Warhammer, Aion, and LOTRO. None of them are bad games but they are not as popular as WoW. If a few of my in-game WoW friends would jump to something else, I would follow, regardless of the new game.

    Dungeons and Dragons Online is free-to-play now as well and popular in some circles. I liked it when I tried it, but again, it was just me.


  2. Yeah i can’t wait for gw2 personally, I blog about it a lot, but SWTOR looks really really good too. I can’t wait to get some companions in that game and experience the story.

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