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World of Warcraft Redux

July 3, 2010

Windows 7 is go. It’s sleek, shiny, and feels like a brand new computer. I can’t find anything and am completely lost. I really hope that external hard drive is reliable, but I’ve backed up my old files in three different locations just to be safe.

If you’ve recently started from scratch or are considering it, there’s a few things to remember for World of Warcraft. You have the option of copying over your old folders and saving yourself some time. I chose to do a clean installation of everything.

#1. Don’t do it on a raid night. Don’t do it the day before a raid night. Especially if you’re the raid leader.


Assuming that all has gone well with your new system, there’s a checklist of things to cover so that you’re ready for the next raid. Make sure you install things on the user for which you’ll need them.

  • Make sure you have an internet connection (this one took an hour)
  • Install and update drivers: graphics, sound, and webcam/mic
  • Download WoW (7.5 GB. Took 2 hours at 1.5MB/s)
  • Patch WoW (20 minutes)
  • Download Ventrilo. Configure settings and add your guild’s vent info
  • Download CurseClient. Install necessary addons
  • Load WoW and watch the intro for good measure
  • Check your resolutions and adjust your graphics settings
  • Configure addons (Why is default healbot so ugly?)
  • Repeat for every toon you have

I even managed to run to Walmart and buy peanut butter cookies while WoW was patching. Of course, I got everything installed just in time to realize I’d installed it on the wrong user and had to reinstall vent and curse. Then it was raid time and I had to send out invites and coordinate pug spots while my screen was a mess.

I was very happy that my framerate issues seem to be completely resolved, at least at lower level graphics. I still have to test on higher levels. Healing Marrowgar with 30 FPS was a huge improvement over 2 FPS. I yelled out to Emmet with glee when I realized how smoothly the game was running and cried, “Oh the power!” followed by an evil cackle.

And despite me having to constantly fiddle with my addons during the raid, we gave a bunch of unsuspecting pugs the night of their lives by clearing 9/12 ICC 25 and getting them three achievements. And I got a Token!

Tip for success: When configuring healbot, type out Power Word: Shield. While “shield” might make sense in your brain, you’ll be standing around spamming buttons with nothing happening. Oops.


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