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Pruning the Add-on List

July 2, 2010

Tonight my computer is being upgraded to 64-bit Windows 7 Professional. Which means everything is getting wiped off and the hard drive will start nice and fresh. It also means hours and hours and hours of downloading and reinstalling WoW and add-ons before raid-time Saturday evening. I’m doing a fresh install of everything to ensure that everything is neat, tidy, and working properly. It also means fiddling with every add-on to get it back just the way I like it. I’m very particular about my user interface.

This is my raiding interface:

Healbot extends into two columns for my raid frames. Omen will pop up in the lower left corner next to recount if I need it. I use DBM and MikScrolling Battletext, so each of these has alerts scrolling in a circle around the center of my screen during combat. I try to have the alerts in as small and tidy font as possible to keep my view clear.

My actual interface has several hidden features accessible through mouse-overs around the screen.

From top-to-bottom: chocolate bar with broker plugins, two right sidebars with flasks, pots, food, and rarely used spells, three boxes around my central spells that house macros, keybinds, and 3 healing spells in case the target doesn’t show up on my raid frames, as well as the micro menu. Each bar has its own sensitivity. Ones that I click often will appear with a light mouseover. Ones that I rarely use have to be hovered over for a few seconds to bring them into view. Shift+scroll switches my main action bar with an easy-access buff bar.

I’m cleaning out the add-on list as I make the switch to Windows 7. There are some familiar names in the final list.

Raiding & Information
Deadly Boss Mods – Emmet swears by Deus Vox, but I haven’t tried it out yet.
AtlasLoot and Rating Buster – Love having item information at my fingertips.
ForteXorcist – Gorgeous and useful CD timer.
Healbot – Addon of personal choice for priest healing.
Headcount – Vital as a raid leader to track raid attendance and loot distribution.
Mapster – I’d be lost without it. Literally.
Omen – Not necessary as a healer, but helpful as a raid leader.

Bartender – More flexible and easier to customize than Dominoes. Have yet to resolve the vehicle issues though.
ChocolateBar – Non-vital, but rather useful and minimalistic.
BasicBrokers, etc. – Handy access to professions, addons, and more. I love that one that auto-repairs and sells gray items.
MikScrollingBattleText – Visually appealing; however, I am raising the thresholds and throttling HoTs/DoTs to reduce spam.
Skinner – Visually appealing, gives all my tabs a uniform smooth, translucent black background.
Button Facade – Makes my buttons match my tabs.
SexyMap – Allows me to shrink the map and make it pretty.
Quartz – Informative and sleek casting bar.
Xperl – Love/hate relationship. I use it only for my own profile bar and hide all party/raid bars. It’s sleek, but sometimes I have to hunt down buffs if a sneeky raid member puts a costume on me right before a boss pull.

Add-ons Used by Alts
Grid – Used on non-healing alts to track who is dead, alive, and still in Stormwind.
Pally Power – I have a baby paladin.
Power Auras – Used to track self-buffs and procs on my warlock.
Squawk and Awe – Amazing for boomkin. Serves in place of ForteXorcist because I can assign sounds to Eclipse procs.
Vuhdo – Used for druid healing for its excellent HoT display.

The add-ons that didn’t make it:
ArkInventory – Great for keeping things tidy, but takes up too much memory.
Bloodqueen – Burn in hell, you bitch of an add-on.
MyRolePlay – Everyone is making the switch to TotalRP.
TotalRP – Screws with my map and might take up too much memory. Will wait until further updates.
PerfectScreenshot – I never use it.
Rune Watch – Ha…I still have a DK? Really? Me + melee = fail.
Preform AV Enabler – I never use it anymore.
Gladius – I never use it anymore.
Spamalyzer – Good for targeting problems and persuading raiders to disable certain offending addons, but not really necessary.

Mixed Feelings.

Add-ons are incredibly useful and can enhance the game playing experience. But they take up space too. How much is too much? And is it worth it when they don’t always interact nicely? And are they really enhancing gameplay, or just getting in the way?

I’m tempted to toss recount entirely. It takes up a lot of memory during combat and honestly the constant number-tracking stresses me out. I do need to keep any eye on my raiders to see how they are doing, but Emmet can let me know just as easily. And I should know how my warlock and boomkin are performing…but can’t I just find my range and be satisfied? I’ll wait and see.


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One Comment
  1. (1) Recount memory… I switched to Skada and noticed it was less of a hog. I also have it hide during combat and pop up after the fact.

    (2) Bartender versus Dominos – you are right about customization. The only reason I switched to dom is that it seems to be updated more often.

    (3) Try addon control panel? Lets you turn off/on addons within the game and then do a simple reloadui for everything to be functional. Saves a lot of time, and you can easily disable memory hogs mid-raid with a “hang on guys, got to reloadui”.

    (4) Self-buffs. Have you tried Satrina buff frames? Infinitely customizable, and I bet you could sort your buffs so you could hide/move over the costume junk. Or try shadowed unit frames which is more “minimalist” than X-perl.

    (5) If you are into “hiding” stuff like food etc, you could try Opie instead of the side bar. It has a circular menu that pops up with a hotkey. I have all my out-of-combat crap there – food, rezes, etc.

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