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The End of the Chase

June 13, 2010

With every new raid, there’s the List.

Your ideal, BiS, die-happy-until-the-next-patch, gear list. You pour over the loot tables and scribble down notes and calculate itemization to find the perfect set. Occasionally you scrap an ideal item because its competitor just looks freaking awesome. However you make your list, you aspire to it during the entire raiding season.

As a Disc priest, and as a PuG raid leader, I have one list for normal ICC 25. I only roll on those items, and I slowly but surely complete my list. Since I came into ICC reasonably well-geared, I could afford to be choosy about my upgrades and never felt that I was short-changing myself by not taking any available upgrade. I was more flexible on my other characters.

Domni has no PvE off-spec, so I have the luxury of essentially being done once I accomplish that list. I’m almost there.

It’s honestly a nice feeling. I tend to go weeks without picking up any upgrades, but it’s still a little exciting when I do. And I’ve gained a smidgen more patience being the raid leader. Finishing up the list gives me a temporary feeling of accomplishment.

Discipline priests who focus on int/crit/haste/Mp5 are incredibly lucky because the bulk of their items drop from the first seven bosses of Icecrown Citadel 25. Disc priests who primarily shield the raid are more reliant on spirit and haste gear, so they may find themselves waiting for select pieces from later bosses.

Domni’s Armory if you’re curious.

Still waiting on in ICC 25:

Then I might pick up the shadow T10 and a final Conqueror’s Mark. I’d consider playing with Althor’s Abacus too. Now that LK 10 is down (and he wasn’t when I began this post), I can start working towards the gorgeous Heroic Lockjaw or the Heroic LK 10 weapons if I really want to pretend.

Of course, I already have eyes on Ruby Sanctum:

  • Bracers of Fiery Night
  • Cloak of Burning Dusk
  • Ring of Phased Regeneration
  • Glowing Twilight Scale

But that raid will be beast of its own. It’s pretty impossible to get loot when there’s only one boss and 25 people grabbing for the same 3-4 items. But we’ll see.

I’m pretty content with my current gear and I don’t feel that I particularly “need” upgraded gear to accomplish my goals. It’s just shiny…

For those that favor gearscore, I’m sitting at 3187 on WoW-Heroes and the 8th Alliance Disc priest on my server. Not sure where I’ll end up if I get all my shiny wishes come true, but I know that I’m a PuG and I can’t compete with large raiding guilds clearing Heroic ICC 25. Lately I log out in my RP or PvP gear. It’s a nice place to be before the rat race begins again in Cataclym!


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