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Angry Domni

June 7, 2010

To all the “experts” on my server trying to convince me that I have it all wrong and that Discipline priests are the worst tank healers this expansion and should only ever bubble the raid…

Forget you.


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  1. Khamrin permalink

    That disc priests are the worst tank healers in Wrath is so preposterous that I don’t even know why you would be angered by such statements.

    Don’t let the man bring you down….


    • This was my childish, frustrated outburst before I went and made one last attempt to speak reason.

      Emmet makes out a good point. Rest now and wait. Let them think we are weak. We shall remain quietly overpowered while others are nerfed into the dust.

      I guess my saving grace is that I’m my own raid leader. I’m flexible with healing assignments and let myself do whatever I think I’m capable of. I would never tell myself that I can’t, but I might not like the assignments I sometimes give myself for the greater good of the raid.

  2. Khamrin permalink

    I was unable to find the discussion you are referring to after having looked at several forums.

    I’m not sure who the “them” is Emmet is referring to. As far as nerfs go, well I don’t see anything major happening before Cataclysm. At that point, EVERYTHING is going to change and nothing we know now necessarily will matter. So it was between BC and Wrath, so it will be with the next xpac.

    I agree with your last paragraph. You control your own fate so it matters not what anyone else thinks or whether they are right, wrong, or otherwise.

    Above all else, just remember to have fun. God knows I have to remind myself to do so often while playing this game.

    • Here’s the thread:

      It didn’t even start out about Disc priests. It just sort of derailed and I got miffed because Turnip and Lisbet were passing judgment when neither of them even play proper Disc priests.

      I just wanted to point out that there were options, since someone had legitimately asked. And then I just got offended by their logic.

      I’m making myself walk away because it’s really not worth it. It’s an old argument that even Disc priests themselves are confused about.

      I really hate getting involved on any forum other than Plusheal. It’s pointless. And I know it. But I couldn’t help myself.

      Now I’m leveling Emmet’s resto shaman so I can see for myself.

  3. Love how my blog gets a ton of hits on the day when I was angry and offensive. >.> Hi everyone!

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