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Feeling Lucky!

June 2, 2010

I woke up at around 5am this morning and couldn’t get myself back to sleep, so I ended up wandering around in WoW wondering what to do. It turned into a surprisingly productive morning since Emmet was still? awake.

Among the accomplishments:

  • Won WG on offense with 15 people and Tenacity x2
  • Finished all my WG weeklies
  • Cleaned up my inventory and my bank
  • Farmed fish and got two stacks of fish feasts
  • Emmet farmed three stacks of blackened worg steak – I helped by sitting next to him while hugging the cat.
  • Did both the fishing and cooking daily
  • Fished up the Giant Sewer RatEmmet hates me now!
  • Got the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
  • Finished leveling up the last 9 points of Engineering – Finally.
  • Got my Visage Liquification Goggles and my Northrend Wormhole Generator

When all this was finished, I still couldn’t sleep. So Emmet made toasty bagels for breakfast, and I set about going through some of the boxes that I’ve been “hiding” in plain sight against the corner of the livingroom ever since we moved in. I cleared out two boxes and in the bottom of one found an envelope with $110 cash inside!

Sorely tempted to use the money and buy a shiny new bookshelf! Too bad there are bills that need to be paid and repairs taken care of first. Although I might just tuck some of it away so it’s magically there when Cataclysm comes out.

At my old job, I used to keep all my reimbursements as cash and tuck them away for a day when I desperately needed money. But then I forgot where I put them all. I’ve since found all three envelopes right in the nick of time when I needed extra cash. And always in the oddest places.

Now how’s that for a lucky morning?!

After all that good fortune, I think I’m sleepy again. Taking the kitty cat and snuggling for a few more hours before the sun gets too high and makes it unbearably hot.


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