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Defending Your Daily

June 2, 2010

There are some dailies that are downright dangerous. Not only are there hungry crocodiles and angry giants that want to kill you, there are plenty of enemies lurking around too.

The fishing daily The Ghostfish takes you into the lush watering hole known as River’s Heart. Your experience with this daily will depend on the type of server you’re on. On a PvE server, Alliance and Horde will bask in the sun while peacefully fishing side-by-side on the banks of the great river, happily admiring the waterfall and the flowers.

On a PvP server, like Twisting Nether, fur is flying, spells are flashing, reinforcements are being called in, you just died–again, and very few are actually able to fish. At the end of the day, the dominant faction will line their pockets with the gold earned from their dailies. Meanwhile, the weaker faction will be logging in periodically to see if their rez timer is up and if the coast is clear for them to hearth.

Realistically, rez timers are only two minutes at most and it’s pretty easy to find a hidden spot to rez and hearth. But unless you have friends, you might not get that daily done. It’s a small, isolated area and is a convenient circular strip of beach with a big lake in the middle. You’ll be picked off by every enemy and their buddy who flies overhead.

So when I logged in yesterday and saw people in Sholozar Basin, quietly venting their frustration at being ganked and unable to finish the daily, I felt the urge to get involved. Emmet and I flew in to help our rogue buddy. Then more people showed up to fish while we held off the two or three Horde that lingered around. Another disc priest friend showed up to assist and a death knight as well.

I sent out an advertisement to anyone in the area letting them know to get their daily done while we had a security team there to watch over them. More and more people filtered through to fish.

It was rewarding to hear their surprise and appreciation that people were willing to help keep an eye out for them. That kind of faction solidarity is what I really enjoyed about being on a PvP server in the beginning. And our little group of five had quite a field day fending off the Horde.We held the area for about an hour.

Eventually, the Horde amassed a group of 11 that we simply couldn’t counter, but I was quite proud of the fight we gave them.

I really enjoy helping others in the game like that. And it matters even more to me that the people were strangers, and the people defending them were not representative of a single guild. Defending our fellows wasn’t a publicity stunt. We just felt like being there to watch out for them and to have a good time while doing it.


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