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GM of the Day

May 31, 2010

A quick shoutout to the GM Preznial on Twisting Nether. He helped to defend Stormwind from the vile gold spammers today.

I’ve had all of two conversations with a WoW GM and both times I found them polite, helpful, and hilarious. The first encounter was when my warlock *cough* died during one of the Wrathgate quests and I couldn’t figure out how to reset it. The GM was very patient with me and even engaged some of my middling in-character replies.

Today I sent in a report about the evil gold spammers that keep hacking the trade square in Stormwind for their advertisements. A fellow GM beat him to the creatures and dispensed with them, but Preznial popped through a hole in the universe to confirm with me that the menace was indeed gone. He also had some fun facts for me about the game. Did you know that flying mounts was a result of a player suggestion? I didn’t.

One of the best parts about our discussion is that he seemed to take my thoughts seriously and pointed me to the forum where I could share my concerns. It was simply nice to be spoken with, not at.

Normally, if I report an issue or a player name, I just get a note in the corner of the screen as a reply. The GMs are very busy after all and don’t always have time to chat.

But I really enjoy it when I get a chance to talk to them. It’s like one of the Old Gods just stopped in for a chat and you suddenly discover that they have a sense of humor. (Clearly they must have. [This was initially an offensive Horde reference, but I removed it for the sake of some of my Horde-inclined readers. I adore you, just not all your brethren.])

The GMs seem to go out of their way to show their personality and, frankly, it made Blizzard seem less like a jerk. The company image has been pretty tarnished for me since I sat in during the panel at Comic Con. It was depressing to walk out feeling as though I’d been laughed at and kicked in the ass, and then accepted it because I didn’t really expect anything less. That’s not how a gaming company should interact with its audience. Hopefully the kind-hearted staff can make up for the atittudes of certain unnamed loud-mouthed developers.

Preznial was a cheery bright spot, and I wish him well as he travels through the universe and bops evil gold spammers with his wand.

The next time you report an issue, leave a happy note for your GM, and be sure to interact with them if they ever take the time to speak with you. They’re pretty nice and quite an adorable, silly bunch of all-powerful beings!


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