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What is it?!

May 23, 2010

A strange blue glow pulsed from A Hero’s Welcome in Dalaran. I went inside to see what was happening, and there were two glowing water tanks sitting in the middle of the room. At least, they looked like water tanks. They filled the Inn with a strange glow. No one claimed responsibility. No one even knew what they were. One vanished before I could get a good look. The second tank remained for a short time. I examined it, but could find no label explaining what it was, what it was for, or who sent it.

What strangeness is this? I must know!


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  1. Chase permalink

    Ectoplasmic Distiller, search for it on WoWHead!

  2. Shealle permalink

    I have to admit I keep checking back to see if anyone has posted an answer to what this is… I showed it to a friend (former wow player) and they’re of the opinion its either a very clever photoshop or something to herald cataclysm coming. But, Dalaran shouldn’t be affected by the changes, we’re looking old world.
    So, our debate continues. Tell me I haven’t been fooled Domni!

    • Chase solved the mystery for us! I just didn’t notice his comment right away and needed to approve it. I did a little digging until I found a screenshot elsewhere to confirm it.

      The strange device is in fact an ectoplasmic distiller.

      Now I’m off to find out how to make it and if I can make them in bulk. >.>

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