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Core Hound Pup: A Player’s Best Friend

May 23, 2010

Do you have a core hound pup? It might just be the most important pet you own, so make sure to take good care of him.

In fact, line up the whole guild on the bank steps and take a family photo with everyone’s favorite puppy.

Because if they don’t have a flaming, little, two-headed sidewalk melter….they shouldn’t be able to access the guild bank.

Scammers and hackers are working over time, and even cautious players are finding themselves victims. On Twisting Nether, at least four guilds have been hit in the last week.

Thieves don’t play nice. So why should you?

Safeguard your account and your guild bank by using Blizzard authenticators. If a player doesn’t have one, do not allow them access to the riches of your bank. Install strict permissions to prevent theft and to save the GMs time if they graciously restore your treasures.

Authenticators provide a one-time use security code. You enter it each time you log in. So even if someone gets ahold of your information, they can’t log in without the authenticator code. Blizzard authenticators cost $6.50 and the shipping is free. That’s a small investment when you consider the amount of time and subscription fees you’ve dedicated to gearing up your characters.

Unfortunately, even authenticators aren’t failproof. Hackers are working on ways to get around them and eventually they might. But for now, it’s your best defense. Combine it with smart practices when surfing the internet and you might avoid ever having to explain to your guild leader where the bank went and why you’re running around in your skivvies.

Another defense to preserving the guild bank is having players that communicate and recognize odd behavior. Does your guild have a contact network?

A normally friendly player logs in silently, not responding to guild chat welcomes or tells? Do they hop from toon to toon without saying a word? Are things disappearing?

With a contact network, an officer can be notified whether they are online or not. Perhaps the player him/herself can be found and warned that something isn’t right.

If it’s clear that a player’s account has been compromised, contact a GM to try and reduce the damage done.

Guilds work hard to build up their guild banks and provide for their members.

Defend all that hard work by asking your members to take responsibility for their accounts and invest in authenticators. Make it a point of pride that items in the guild bank are secure, and be careful about the levels of access you offer.


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