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Faction Loyalties

May 19, 2010

The bleeding of Horde/Alliance loyalties is making me a little dizzy on Twisting Nether. Emmet continuously tells me to move on and see past it. I’m not in a PvP guild anymore. I haven’t been for a long time. Horde or Alliance shouldn’t really mean anything to me.

But I’ve always been on an RP/PvP server. I started off in a PvP guild where the line between Horde and Alliance was drawn solidly. Those that crossed it with duplicate accounts were either spies or traitors. And it was fun. You might think it silly, but I enjoy those hard boundaries. Faction loyalty was an intriguing part of WoW for me. When you chose a PvP server, your first character set the tone for your allegiance. There was no going back. I liked that idea.

Emmet and I chose Twisting Nether because it had a higher Horde population than Alliance. We liked the idea of being the underdogs. (Originally we tried Horde on a normal server, for the same reasons. But a normal server didn’t offer us enough excitement.)

Our PvP guild wasn’t perfect, and our leader was borderline insane. But we had quite a thrill of fighting superior numbers and marketing ourselves as victors, even when we died. We were a thorn, if nothing else. And I took quite a bit of pride in that.

I also developed a strong disdain for certain members of the Horde. Gradually this became an all-encompassing dislike of our Horde faction.

But now…there are Faction Transfers and PvP servers are open. Those Horde are Alliance. And the Alliance are Horde. And they switch every other month. I don’t know who is who, and I feel tricked and irritable when I find out that the Alliance next to me used to be the Horde that camped me. Makes me want to scratch their eyes out. But their name is green, so I can’t. The same goes for my long-time Alliance companions who suddenly appear as enemies. You were fun to play with, but don’t come back to me later giggling about how you killed me repeatedly in Wintergrasp. It’s going to royally piss me off.

When I’m chatting in vent and ask what everyone’s up to and two of them are playing on their Horde characters…I wish they would switch to a Horde vent. Or that I had a powerful mysterious alt that I could go punish them with

Everyone has toons on both factions, and they switch back and forth at a ridiculous speed. If you have toons on both sides, which one do you PvP with? Roleplay? PvE? Which cities do you care about defending? Which guilds are you raiding with?

As the Alliance on TN struggles more and more, I constantly hear people talking about switching over to Horde. It gets on my nerves, but I can’t blame them. Twisting Nether is a completely different server depending on which faction you’re a part of. They want a more positive playing experience. I can’t fault them for that.

But I don’t have to like it. On TN, I’m Alliance. And I’m staying that way.

  1. Amoros permalink

    I play on Moon Guard, which is a normal RP server, so I’m not so savvy to the whole PvP “us and them” mentality.

    I do play a Horde alt every so often, a troll hunter I made after I heard about the retaking of Echo Isles.

    I really love all the story in WoW, so the only reason I’m playing a Horde character is so I can see all the quests and the story that you never get to see as Alliance.

    I don’t usually get on vent or whatever because I like to use him to escape and just play in peace.

    That and I think the trolls are totally cool with their accents :F

  2. I admit, trolls are kind of neat. I considered making an alt on a different server to check out the story lines before Kalimdor gets blown up.

    The “us and them” was unique to PvP servers when I started WoW. Which is why we chose one.

    I can see how faction loyalties really doesn’t work with Blizzard’s master plan of having us roll a dozen alts to keep us playing. Or continuously paying more money to switch factions, races, or servers.

    But I still like the idea of making a choice and taking the consequences. It made it feel like your first character was pretty important.

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