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“Tentative” Status

May 14, 2010

When you receive a calendar invite, you have the following options: Accept, Decline, or Tentative.

My ICC25 lineup looks like this: 15 accepted, 5 tentative, 5 unresponsive.
*Note that the latter 10 include all of my healers, all of my rogues, all of my shaman, and all but one of my paladins – including two tanks.

Domni’s not a happy lady, misters and misses.

“Tentative” has become the bane of my raid-leading existence.

When people consistently fail to respond to calendar invites, I drop them from the roster. But what about tentative? They at least looked at the calendar invite and responded. I know they are conscious. I can’t remove them from the calendar for not responding. But I can’t rely on them either. A tentative status means, “Save me a spot and don’t replace me, but I’m under no obligation to actually show up.”

It was a probably a good idea on the drawing board. People needed a third option for when there were scheduling conflicts. Unfortunately, players both abuse it and fail to update it.  Tentative is fine for the first three days after the calendar invite goes up. Then a player needs to figure out their schedule and update their status with accept or decline.

A tentative status ties my hands as a raid leader. I can’t plan for replacements and I’m stuck waiting an 5-10 minutes after the normal invite window wondering whether your tentative meant you’d be late or if you just didn’t feel like showing up.

My favorite raiders are those that send me a mail when their status is tentative. That way I know the circumstances. I can be more understanding when so-and-so’s daughter is in town, so-and-so is trapped in the states because a volcano blew up in Europe, or so-and-so has a school commitment.

My not-so-favorites are the raiders that automatically hit tentative every single week. Commit already, please. I’m not asking you to sign away your oh-so-busy life, your empty pocketbook, or your adorable and annoying child. I just want four hours of your focused, sober, obedient, and cooperative time. I’m even willing to just take focused and cooperative, or even just cooperative. But I do need to know in advance if I can rely on you or if I can replace you.

My life is made so much easier when I can confidently fill in replacements in advance. It’s fine if you can’t make it one week. Send me a mail explaining what’s up so that I know you haven’t disappeared for good. Then enjoy your week off.

But let me plan ahead. Accept. Or Decline.

Tentative……please die.

  1. Emmet permalink

    We should totally just /gkick these indecisive peoples. Wait…

  2. Oliina permalink

    I know that I have recently become an offender of the not answering kind. It’s rude and I do apologize for it. Count me in.

  3. You’re my only steady healer that I continue to rely on. I couldn’t be mad at you if I tried. But I do feel relieved to know that you’ll be attending.

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