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Refer-A-Friend Rocket

April 27, 2010

…I’m pissed.

The Refer-A-Friend Rocket is being released today, April 27, 2010. It is replacing the former Zhevra, which Emmet has on his mage. It’s the only 2-seat flying mount in game. But it’s not actually available through IN-GAME means. Sorry that I don’t have more friends to rope into playing WoW.

Come Cataclysm, there’d better be a damn engineering or tailoring or leatherworking or some profession able to craft a 2-seat flying mount or better.

I will smite one goblin per hour until my demands are met.


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  1. khamrin permalink

    So recruit yourself and buy a second account and copies of the game. Yet another money grab for the Activision shareholders.

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