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Maverwine hits 80!

April 21, 2010

Round three of level 80 was much easier than the first two rounds. Ridiculously so.

Crocolisk Surfing in Sholazar

My restoration/feral tank druid, Maverwine, had been languishing at level 75 for weeks (months?). I finally returned to her and thoroughly enjoyed the last few levels. Questing has always been my favorite part of WoW and it was cheerful and peaceful to level through Grizzly Hills and Sholazar Basin. The random dungeon finder was fun too. I swapped between healing and tanking as I pleased, so queue times were fantastically quick.

The grind to 80 went faster than ever before, and the integration into Heroics and raiding once I hit 80 was smooth. Perhaps it helped that I was already familiar with healing, but it was so much less painful this time around. Heroics are easier, tanks are better geared, and gearing up is faster. No rep grinding!

At 80, I chose to stick with restoration. It’s much easier to break into healer at the level of Heroics and raids than it is tanking. I’ll work on collecting my tanking gear as I go.

After three days of being 80, I had a 2500 gear score. This just goes to show how irrelevant gear score is. I clearly need more practice as a restoration druid. My easy access to gear peaked at 2500 and leveled off. Now I begin the slower pace to get into raids, collect Frost emblems, and cross my fingers when I roll for loot.

Ways to gear up fast:

  • ICC 5-man Normal and Heroics
  • Triumph Emblem Gear
  • Crafted ICC and ToC Gear
  • Onyxia, ToC 10/25
  • VoA 10/25
  • ICC Rep runs (for the Ashen Verdict ring)
  • Weekly Raid Quest
  • Sneaking into an ICC 10 and promising to bring your geared healer main if you suck (I did fine!)

Since I have a tailor, I made myself the cloth ToC gear with mats I had lying around. I saved my leatherworking mats for ICC leather items. My alts and Emmet kindly donated primordial saronite.

If you’re a clothie, it’s wise to get whatever you can from crafted items because you have more competition for gear in raids. If you wear leather, you might find that you have the pick of leather spellpower items and are less reliant on crafted gear. I went ahead and got the ICC pattern Blessed Cenarion Boots because they seemed better itemized than the ones that drop in ICC 25.

I only gem and enchant items 232 item level and higher. I figure that I’m more likely to keep those for a little while. The faster than I can gem and enchant my quality items, the sooner I’ll look competent and less like a scrub.

So far I’ve healed Ony 10, VoA 10/25, ToC 10/25, and ICC 10. More thoughts on druid raid healing later.

The state of PuGs is pitiful right now. My sympathies for you if you are relying solely on PuGs for gear. I’ve been horrified by how terrible the situation is on my server.

It’s difficult to get into any 10 mans because all the raid leaders are fools and want to 2 heal EVERYTHING. Because it’s better that way, right? Dumbasses, I say.

So I’m dependent on 25 man raids unless I lead my own 10 man.

The only ToC 25 PuGs available are run by the benched rejects of our top raiding guilds or their terrible alts. This means that, naturally, Death’s Verdict is reserved, vent is not used, fights are not explained, loot mysteriously disappears into the pockets of buddies, and raids end as soon as the leader gets what they need.

Because ToC is older content, no one remembers how to do it properly. Myself included. It took a painful refresher course to remind myself of important fight mechanics. There’s also an odd mix of well-geared folks and terribly geared folks. It makes for a entertaining, albeit painful, experience.

Please don’t go into ToC unless you’ve discarded your last green. One blue is acceptable – we all know how difficult it is to replace that cloak. Honestly, I should just be farming regular PoS and I could replace my own. There’s no excuse. Everything else is remarkably easy to upgrade.

It’ll be great if I can pick up one or two more items with emblems and then settle into an ICC 10.

So now I have a second healer and a third 80 and I’m running around wondering what to do in Dalaran.

My favorite part of WoW is questing. So I may just start leveling that paladin that got abandoned at level 31...

  1. Khamrin permalink

    Don’t level your paladin! Once you get a geared holy paladin, you won’t want to play your priest ever again! *wink*

    Grats on 80 #3, healer #2. Wish you could have gotten there before we filled up our main raid group. I’m going to bring up the alt runs at tonight’s raid to see when we might get those moving.


  2. Oathus permalink

    Hey good job on making it to 80, this is Gurthorn, glad to see my Insta que buddy finally got 80 =)

    • Thanks Gurthorn! It’s great to hear from you and I’m honored that you’re still reading. How is your character doing these days?

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