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Winning Wintergrasp

March 17, 2010

It’s harder than you think.

On Twisting Nether, the Horde almost always have Wintergrasp. Alliance are lucky to have it twice in a 24 hour period and frequently lose on offense. We’re disorganized, uncooperative, and unable to communicate.

Until now.

That, my dears, is an unshaken, undamaged, untouched Vault of Archavon gate. And it’s ours. On defense. Twice in a row.

Note the confused Alliance wondering how to get into Vault of Archavon since the gate is still intact. It took us a few minutes to remember the shining portal on the right side. What can we say? It’s been a while.

Twisting Nether has seen a renewed zeal thanks to the combined efforts of <Horde Resettlement Agent>, <Highland Marauders>, and the Alliance populace. The most recent defense victories have been under the leadership of <HRA>. You can view the HRA website to learn more about their adventures.

Their tactics?

1) Advertising prior to Wintergrasp to encourage Alliance to show up

2) Getting everyone into a premade raid and into WG so that people are organized and working together

3) Sharing a ventrilo server to coordinate attacks during Wintergrasp

4) Employing strategic maneuvers throughout the battle

5) Win or Lose, striving to not alienate people who aren’t in vent or aren’t directly associated with the premade

Mostly, it’s motivating the Alliance to participate and recognize leadership instead of scattering blindly or not joining in at all. Being able to turn to a single voice to coordinate goals on the battlefield makes it easier to follow and respond to combat. Through the public relations guidance of Professor Dobzahnsky and the battlefield command of Wobblebonk, <HRA> is maintaining a positive image with the Alliance and their efforts are really working.

There was resistance at first. Ventures such as this have failed in the past because of a disconnect between the premade participants and the Alliance that show up out of their own personal motivation. Wobblebonk can get grumpy sometimes and the Alliance is reluctant to trust a group that takes the credit, even though everyone else shows up to help.  Successive wins and a strong PR campaign, however, are smoothing over old grudges and opening possibilities for future victories.

We probably won’t be able to grab a third defense due to the unseen tug-of-war on resources, but I think that the Alliance will be more than willing to answer the call to battle and prove a real threat to the Horde’s accustomed control over Wintergrasp.

I, for one, am very happy to see the upswing of Wintergrasp support and overall heightened spirits for everyone who participates!


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