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Alliance Tribute Banquet

March 17, 2010

The roleplaying event was quite fantastic.
Turnout was just over 30 individuals and we had a steady group of 20 throughout the event. Horde showed up in Stormwind early and I encouraged the Alliance soldiers to defend the city and then return for an evening of rest.  You can’t see it in the pictures, but there were pig feasts, cakes, pies, kegs, and wine bottles set up on all the tables throughout the evening and we lined up the outside wall of the tavern with beautifully colored faction banners.

I thoroughly enjoyed hosting the event and I think it was healthy for the community to bring all of the RP/PvP guilds together for one event.
Often the groups are in competition for recruitment or for bragging rights. Some of the smaller but equally vital guilds get squashed under the bigger names. Even Aldencia of <Arcane Ascencion> had the opportunity to share her goals for the Alliance. On RP/PvP servers, it’s important to recognize small guilds because they are often the core of the roleplaying community.

During the event, I realized it’s important to seek out individuals who aren’t in those small guilds as well. The mysterious Fallal was drawn to the banquet and I had the pleasure to speak with her for a little while. She’s from the large raiding guild <Scarlet Dawn>.  While the guild as a whole does not roleplay, there are individuals within the ranks who are active in the roleplaying community.

The banquet catered primarily to RP/PvP guilds because I knew it was an easy in and I had contacts in several of the guilds to ensure attendance. I’d like to find ways to include other roleplaying guilds and inviduals in future events. This means I’ll have to do some hunting and get a contact list together. On that note, I want to find more of the PvP guilds that don’t necessarily roleplay. They are still part of the community and make a big difference for the balance of a PvP server.

I find myself wanting to show support to the non-raiders.
While the raiding guilds deserve kudos for their efforts, I think that Blizzard rewards them appropriately with loot, achievements, titles, and mounts. They also have the luxury of elitism and big egos within their circles. (Nothing wrong with that if they’ve earned it.) But the rewards for non-raiders are less tangible. It’s up to the community to show support.

The Twisting Nether Gazette is a great resource for our server since it brings together raiders, PvPers, and casual players in a safe environment that encourages roleplaying both on the forums and in-game.

The Alliance Tribute Banquet was a first step and a successful gesture. I hope to do more in the future. Roleplaying and PvP is an important part of the community at US-Twisting Nether.

Ever wondered what an RP event looks like? It’s much prettier with the names turned off.

Want to point out that I totally crafted Dobzahnsky’s outfit for him way back when my warlock Emmalyn was the tailor for Fordragon Imports and we were getting the motorbike gang together. It made me so happy to see him still wearing it. I just hope he’s been washing it regularly.

Here are two screenshots to show what the event looked like while I was managing raid frames to track attendance, keeping track of conversations, and waiting on tables. Just be glad that my inventory isn’t open too.

As you can see, the conversations can sometimes overlap. It would have been great if there was more room for people to spread out. But the Blue Recluse served us well for a banquet space. We did have one incident where a party member got upset that they didn’t receive respectful attention during their speech; it can be hard to get the crowd to focus and pay attention to an individual. It requires a mix of patience on both sides. There’s only so much that a hostess can do to ensure everyone is heard and enjoying themselves.

We ended the evening with lights and explosions thanks to Integra of <Forge> and Wobblebonk of <Horde Resettlement Agent> who donated fireworks and launchers.


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  1. Ceralyn permalink

    Looks like a great turnout and a great event! Sometimes I wish there weren’t such a disconnect between raiders and rpers. I’m in the raiding guild to get the pretty dresses after all… What good are they if there’s no place to wear them?

    I will confess I roleplay privately on occasion with someone I’m sure wishes to remain unnamed, but we keep it to party chat to avoid getting griefed by passersby.

  2. I think that the disconnect is more by proximity. They’re in different guilds and hang out in different places. Most raiders are sitting in Dalaran or farming mats. Most roleplayers are…god knows where. We wander all over the place. I’m going to explore ways to bring them together though.

    As for roleplaying in party chat, it’s still roleplaying! I challenge you to take it public now and then and see how it goes. You might be surprised by how people react. Be smart about the location and the context of the roleplay though. There are some places where you’re begging to be griefed by passersby.

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