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1-2-3 Roleplay Event!

March 16, 2010

I’ve been wanting to host a roleplaying event for the local Twisting Nether community.  A lot of planning can go into an event with no promises of a successful result. Sometimes it is best to jump in rather than let a good idea pass by. After a night at the Ironforge bar with The Dusk Watch, I decided to hold an Alliance Tribute Banquet. The challenge is that I gave myself less than 24 hours to pull it off. Will it be a success? A failure? Who knows, but it’s sure to be fun!

I sent out a special invitation to any SAN fellows who would like to toddle over on lvl 1 Human alts and join in the festivities. Get there a bit early to account for walking time. I can try to have someone escort you to the location. Just send Domni a tell on US-Twisting Nether. Come visit me!

We’ll find out how the event fares tonight at 9:00 pm server 9 (10 pm EST).

Planning the Roleplaying Event

Once I had my idea in mind, I quickly worked out what I wanted out of the event. I’d like to bring together multiple Rp/PvP guilds under one banner for a brief roleplaying event that recognizes their contributions to the community in-character. Since I am a third party, no single guild will be the focus of the evening, allowing both small guilds and large guilds to mingle in the spotlight. I want the event to be informal, but not casual. So the tribute theme will keep players in-character as soldiers being honored and I can expect to deliver a few short addresses throughout the evening.

I’m a big fan of using props and food/drinks are a great way to bring an event to life. Since there might be a lot of people in a small space, I’d prefer people to be sitting and eating while talking. I am planning for a maximum of 30 people, although I have a secondary location in mind to accommodate a larger crowd.

Advertising the Roleplaying Event

1) Off-game notification: The first thing I did was put up a thread on the Twisting Nether Gazette. I marked it urgent and included that it was short notice in the title. The notice is in-character, but it’s also clear and direct so that people realize the event is tonight.

2) In-game public notification: I hopped in the Pasta Express channel, where many TNG roleplayers reside, and briefly advertised the event. I will do this every few hours up until the event. My message read:

“To anyone interested, there will be an Alliance Tribute Banquet Tuesday evening at 9PM. Location to be announced prior to the event. All are welcome to attend. Soldiers of the Alliance will be honored for their service.”

2) In-game direct notification: I sent formal invitations by mail to the guild leaders and known officers of the Rp/PvP guilds on the server. The message read:

“Your presence and that of your fellows is requested this Tuesday evening at 9Pm for the Alliance Tribute Banquet. Heroes of the Alliance are not born in isolation and they do not serve their people alone. We’d like to honor them this evening with a modest display of gratitude for their unyielding service. The Tribute Banquet will begin at 9:00 PM on Tuesday, March 16th. Location to be announced prior to the event.”

3) In-game public channels: A few hours prior to the event, I will begin advertising the event in General chat to include the public and remind attendees.

Choosing the Roleplaying Event Location

It’s important to pick a location appropriate for your event. Things can get very crowded when you have multiple conversations going on at once. Also, you can miss out on some conversations if the people are spread out too far. Since I am hosting a banquet, I want everyone to be seated and for there to be tables to place food upon. A large tavern will work nicely. If I had more staff, I’d have chosen an unoccupied tavern and provided bartenders. Since it’s just me, I chose a well-known tavern with NPC bartenders. The secret location (The Blue Recluse) is warm, vibrant, and will seat nearly 30 people. If it turns out that we don’t have enough room, there is outdoor seating in the Stormwind Park, another Inn nearby, and we can always relocate to the meeting hall in the Dwarven District. I chose to keep the location secret until shortly before the event to A) avoid griefers, and B) delay Horde intervention. Although good luck to the Horde that tries to crash an entire meeting hall of PvP guilds.

Itinerary for the Roleplaying Event

It’s good to have an idea of how you want the event to play out. Set a time limit for which you are responsible for organizing activities. After that, lingering folks are on their own for entertainment. I’m planning for the event to last an hour, possibly an hour and a half if there are interruptions. I will need time to send out reminders, set up the tavern, greet everyone, get everyone seated, refresh tables, give a welcoming address, and then let people eat and mingle. After about 20-30 minutes, I’ll step in and give a brief tribute address and then welcome guild officers to stand up and share a brief anecdote about their mission or a story from the battlefield. This will continue through the remainder of the event and I’ll be refreshing tables as needed. When the stories are finished, we’ll head outside for fireworks to wrap up the event.

Stocking Up for the Roleplaying Event

I set a budget of about 500g for the event. It really would have only cost 200g or so, but I decided to test some of the more expensive items. *hic* Ahem…anyhow…

I intend to have kegs up on the bar throughout the event as well a giant pig platter and a cake on every table throughout the event. This will require mild coordination and trading the items to other people to set, since each item has a 30 minute cooldown.

Drinks: Brewmaiden Trinkets, Holiday Kegs, Dalaran White Keg, Dalaran Red Keg (Sorry soldiers, no Aged Dalaran Red. I’m on a budget.)

Food: Chocolate Cake, Lovely Cake, Great Feasts (Great feasts are the cheapest to make. I threw in some Small/Giant feasts for fun.)

Decorations: Fireworks, Cluster Launcher, Fireworks Launcher, Faction Banners (from the Argent Tournament), Elder Moonstones

What to Wear to the Roleplaying Event

In my notice, I specified that attire was left to the individual. Attendees could wear their battle regalia or take a night of rest and dress in comfortable town clothing. Since Domni is the host, but not the focus, I kept her outfit modest. She’ll be wearing a dark silk shirt, guild tabard, and black tuxedo pants, with her green brewfest stein in hand. I’ll have my “battle regalia” close at hand in case our event is disrupted.

What’s Left to Do?

Sleep. Tomorrow I’ll get up and work out a few quick speeches to kick off the event and to keep it running. It’s good to keep them saved into a notepad file for quick copy+paste to keep the flow of the address moving. You can also macro them for even easier delivery. I might also have to hunt mammoth. I need more chunk o’mammoth to make Great Feasts.

Any questions or ideas? I’m looking forward to this event and events in the future.


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  1. Khamrin permalink

    I wish I had that much free time. Good luck…

    • I’m not sure that I actually have this much free time. I just choose to use it unwisely.

  2. Ceralyn permalink

    Sounds like fun. Too bad these are always on raid nights 😦

    I might send Edrisa if Audiess is hating boomkins tonight. Don’t hate him for his tag either, pickings are slim in the Nether

    • Ceralyn permalink

      d’oh, angle brackets and html. Don’t hate him for his Saintz tag I meant to say 🙂

      • I adore Edrisa. Even if he is in Saintz. More sweet people like him and yourself might redeem the guild for Audiess’ ego (and a few others).

  3. Emmet permalink

    The Gazette thread’s getting funnier by the post. /popcorn

  4. Ceralyn permalink

    Oh, no no no. There is no redemption for Audiess’ ego. I’m lucky and have the connections from way back when to give him grief if he’s being ridiculous, but Saintz is not someplace I suggest for warm and fluffy people.

    I will say one thing on his behalf, he knows how to run a raid efficiently, and when he calls someone out, there is always legitimate reason for it. It’s not for the faint of heart or thin skinned though.

    I ended up in a 25 man ToC pug with some other Saintz raiders though and was thoroughly embarrassed to be sharing the tag.. They were completely rude and miserable to be around.

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