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Glory of the Hero

March 7, 2010

One single achievement has eluded me out of laziness. I’ve been waiting for months and months and now I have it. Emerald Void is finished. And so is Glory of the Hero. It is long overdue.

It’s only now that I understand the difference between Drakes and Proto-Drakes that Emmet tried to explain me a long time ago. Teehee. I beat him to it! My thanks to the poor PuGs and cranky rude tank that I suckered into helping me. And to Emmet and all the random Twisting Nether folk that we pulled in to scrape through the rest of the achievement all those months ago, long before the random LFG came into existence. Those were good times.


From → Heroics, Pugging It, TN

  1. Congrats dude. I’m slowly working on mine. Depends on what instances I get for my dailies!

    Have fun flying with it!

  2. Emmet permalink

    I still need Less-Rabi.


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