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Road Trip to US-Argent Dawn!

March 3, 2010

US-Argent Dawn

Domni took a trip over to the US-Argent Dawn server to be a founding member of <Single Abstract Noun> and meet fellow bloggers and readers on newly minted Alliance alts. She was shortly thereafter joined by Galliane, a dwarf paladin alter-ego, because when an entire guild is filled with healers, someone has to take the hits! Even at level 2.

The amazing Tamarind of Righteous Orbs is the mastermind behind <Single Abstract Noun> and is leading the EU version Horde-side on EU-Argent Dawn. His partner in chaos, MissMedicina is heading up the US version Alliance-side. Plans are underway to get us all online and in a shared ventrilo server at some point in the future. I predict hilarity. It was quite an adventure getting everyone to Ironforge from different zones of Azeroth and perhaps Argent Dawn wasn’t quite ready for our arrival – the world server crashed a few minutes after the official registration of the guild charter. Thanks to generous donations and a kind warlock who helped summon one of our own, everything is now in order. We even have tabards!

Hopefully we can organize some events with the blogging community, writers and readers alike. I love the opportunity to meet the people behind the posts and to hear the voices of everyone that I read everyday.

There are 12 of us currently on US-Argent Dawn. Let’s bring in some more!

Bloggers and readers are welcome. To join in, roll an Alliance toon on US-Argent Dawn server and /join singleabstractnoun chat channel. Ask for a ginvite and someone will get you taken care of.

Complete with Matching Tabards!

One Comment
  1. Aww, I can’t believe I missed the guild picture. Thats what I get for going off to kill things…

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