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Character Milestones

March 2, 2010

Every character has a special achievement that marks the progress of the player and is endearing to that particular character. It usually isn’t related to raiding, gear, or hardmodes. Most often it’s that random whimsical goal that you finally complete. Whether it’s a rare pet, a roleplaying outfit, a hard-to-reach location, or a perfect match, it’s rewarding and we remember those moments more than any others.

I recently got to help a leveling hunter achieve one of his milestones during a random group run in Utgarde Keep. While healing on my restoration druid, I got to witness a hunter taming a pet. It was quite the ordeal. There are only so many worgs that look just right in Utgarde Keep and all of them thought that I looked delicious. We wiped repeatedly, but we kept trying and the hunter got his beloved pet. I’ve never played a hunter and I had to ask why the worg was so important or what made it different from any other worg in the game. Other members of the group explained that it’s the top raiding pet for hunters and so it was a big step our friend. The hunter liked the way that the particular worg looked. But after we finished and the rest of our party members disappeared to their respective servers, the hunter asked me to wait.

He then showed me the real achievement of the day and the delightful milestone he’d achieved on his character:

A Love Worth Waiting For

While there might be some moral implications here, the new worg family is adorable and I felt very special for having participated in helping the hunter achieve his goal. It’s moments like these that make me realize how fantastic Azeroth can be and what delightful opportunities there are to find something truly special.

What were some of your favorite character milestones?


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