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An Awesome WoW Neighborhood

February 28, 2010

Friday was a good day to play World of Warcraft. I spent my morning  running battlegrounds on my Discipline priest and setting up her new Wrathful PvP gear. Then I settled down in Stormwind for roleplaying, talking to strangers, and general goofiness. The locals of Twisting Nether were grumpy and hilarious. Joringil helped me to gently needle the trade and LFG trolls until they cheered up.

The WoW community is bigger than just my server. It includes, blogs, the official forums, the PlusHeal forums, Twitter, and now Formspring. My part of the world is still pretty small, but it’s refreshingly busy and remarkably close-nit. I woke up in the morning to find a nod from Matticus on 2Healing a 10Man raid can be frustrating for him too! It really made my morning special, and it also made me vow to be careful what I say in rants! You never know who might read them later.

I spent the rest of my morning keeping busy with the PlusHeal community inbetween battlegrounds, mid-day found me gallivanting around Twitter, and I spent my entire afternoon playing formspring games with Avalonna and Derevka of Tales of a Priest. At the end of the day, I felt inexplicably happy. I really enjoy the WoW community and the Healer/Blogging community. It’s also nice to have a spare day where I can just be a part of it all and not worry about anything else.

Thanks for being awesome everyone!


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  1. It DOES feel a lot like a neighborhood, doesn’t it? I love the healer circle we’ve got going on, it’s great!

  2. Playing games with us, eh?

    • Yep. It was quite fun. Although I made myself late to a meeting because I was thinking of more questions.

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