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Discipline Priest Resources

February 12, 2010

To my fellow Discipline priests or to the curious priest considering a career change, I’d like to offer you a welcome basket.

There are some gifts and goodies inside. On top are some candies and cookies that I baked especially for you. Underneath I tucked in a few flasks, potions, and possibly a surprise elixir. At the bottom of the basket you’ll find the real goodies.

I’d like to provide a resource for Discipline priests, but I don’t see the point in redoing information that others have already written – and written well. Yet I remember struggling to find information and hunting down elusive answers. The truth is, there isn’t much out there that you can rely on. Everyone has a different opinion and few update their thoughts with every content patch. It’s easy to get confused. It’s very important to check the patch for which the information is relevant and to be unafraid of asking questions again, because the answers may have changed. I did find a few resources that pointed me in the right direction when I started and as I grew. Here they are, tied up with a ribbon and waiting for you.

Remember that 3.3.2 is the most recent patch as of February 2010.
All gear/stat info will be revamped after the release of Cataclysm and you will need to find updated information.

Certain questions are frequently asked, and you’ll find them frequently answered at the PlusHeal forums. This is the #1 place to go with your early questions and concerns about discipline healing. Once you’ve gotten started, community members will happily look over your gear and offer suggestions for any issues you’re struggling with.

Here are answers to a few hot-topic questions:
Haste and Crit for Discipline Explained
List of Available Gems and Enchants
Priest Regen for Dummies

World of Warcraft has official Priest and Healing forums as well. These forums are a little more cutthroat. Be careful, and cast a shield on your ego before you go in.

One thing to remember is that there is no single right way to play a character, a class, or a spec. There are many suggestions from people who have done the math; however, your playstyle is what matters and the math experts don’t factor that into their numbers. If you find something that works for you and makes sense, feel free to stick with it.

I hope that these resources are helpful to you. If there’s ever a bit of information that you can’t find, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Welcome to the family and happy healing!


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  1. Thanks for linking Divine Aegis! I’m glad people find my guides helpful.

  2. Platonics/Brennah permalink

    Yay! thanks for linking my gem thread 🙂

  3. Thanks for these helpful links and tips! I’m trying to learn how to be a Disc priest at the moment and it’s proving to be a challenge. I just started playing my 70 priest again after about 1.5 years of letting her collect dust. Before that, she was shadow. So I’m really at a disadvantage.

    Not to mention I’ve had Holy Pally as my main for 5 years and have no other healers….yeah, it’s a bit confusing. I go from having 2 heal spells (3 if you count Holy Shock) to having well over 10.

    *noms on the candy from the welcome basket*

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