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Updated Spell Maps

January 16, 2010

I updated my mousebinds, keybinds, and macros. Here’s the setup I have right now for my discipline priest when I am healing in a raid environment.

Spells that cast when I click on the Healbot raid frame

  • Click Left – Flash Heal
  • Shift Left – PW: Shield
  • Ctrl Left – Target
  • Alt Left – Dispel Magic
  • Click Right – Greater Heal
  • Shift Right – Penance
  • Ctrl Right – Assist
  • Alt Right – Abolish Disease
  • Middle Button – Prayer of Healing
  • Alt Middle Button – Divine Hymn
  • Button 4 – Binding Heal
  • Shift Button 4 – Prayer of Mending
  • Ctrl Button 4 – Gift of the Naaru
  • Alt Button 4 – Renew
  • Button 5 – Renew
  • Alt Button 5 – Power Infusion

Spells that cast when I click anywhere on my screen

  • Middle Button – Holy Nova
  • Shift Middle Button – Psychic Scream
  • Alt Left – Dispel
  • Button 4 – Nitro Boosts
  • Button 5 – Parachute

Spells that cast when I press keys, such as 1-5, shift 1-5, or certain letters

  • 1 – Mass Dispel
  • Shift 1 – Levitate (Mouseover)
  • 2 – Shadow Fiend
  • 3 – Desperate Prayer
  • 4 – Hymn of Hope
  • 5 – Divine Hymn
  • Shift 5 – Inner Focus
  • A – Endless Mana Potion
  • D – Fade
  • G – Mount/Dismount
  • Shift G – Flying Mount/Dismount
  • Shift Z – Pain Suppression (Focus)
  • Alt Shift Z – Pain Suppression (Self)
  • Ctrl Shift Z – Pain Suppresion (Target)

Eventually my Pain Suppression macro will be bound simply to Z. But I have to adjust to it being there and so I am using shift as a temporary safety to prevent myself from casting PS accidentally.

There are some spells that I still need to click to use: Healthstone, Fear Ward, Shackle Undead, and offensive spells that are rarely used within a raid. I keep a small toolbar in the bottom right of my screen that holds clickable macros for focus target, vent info, and loot rules, as well as nifty things to keep an eye on cooldowns and special use items: rocket pack, pvp trinket, and frag belt.


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  1. Gurthorn permalink

    WoW.. thats to busy for me

    your better then me

  2. I doubt it has anything to do with skill. I just have a giant toolbox as a priest!

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